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About the Founder

Desirée M. Mondesir is an inspired author, blogpreneur, and columnist infected and affected by great passion as well as the desire to see people inspired, toxic mindsets challenged, and lives transformed. She’s had her nose in books since before she could remember and a pen in hand since she was a seven or eight year old composing her first faerie tales.

Since then, Desirée then directed her passion to studying English Literature with an emphasis in British Literature once in college.

After attending Oral Roberts University, Desirée began her freelance career and launched her own virtual writing and editing company, Desired Assistance, in 2010. She has been running her business ever since and has since branched out with a consulting branch entitled iSubCreate for literary, book, business, and ministry consultations.

Over the years Desirée has gained an increasingly extensive background in writing. She is currently the Managing Editor of where she pens the columns Godly Government, so named after her eBook, Godly Government and Other Works, as well as The Hostess List column based on her lifestyle blog at She is also the author of The Days of Noah and Lot, How I Fell Prey to Jezebel, Deborah: The Ultimate Jezebel-Preventative, The Origin of Demons, Faith and the Imagination, How to Write Fiction That Doesn’t Suck, and Byden: King of Eomene.

Desirée’s writing has been featured on many websites including,,,,,,,, and others. She's also been a guest on radio shows Awakening Your Faith with Pastor David Crossley, the Queen Esther Radio Show with Jessica Mosley, Taboo Talks with Essence and Khasmin, and Escaping the Maze with Roberta Ripley as well as the host of her own show, The Round Table

Most recently, Desirée launched her brand new publication, REFORMATION TODAY in June 2017 featuring authors such as Myles "Chairo" Munroe Jr., Charisa Munroe, Brenda F. Ferguson, and others. The fall issue will be released September 2017, so stay tuned! To learn more, click here

Desirée is 31 and currently resides in Jacksonville, FL.